Dolley Madison Garden Club Inc.

​Organized in November 1919
​Welcome to the Dolley Madison Garden Club website.
The Dolley Madison Garden Club is a charitable and
educational organization with four primary objectives

-To promote gardening and advance horticulture
-To encourage conservation of natural resources
-To promote civic planting and roadside beautification
-To restore and preserve historic gardens

Admitted to the Garden Club of Virginia (GCV) in 1920 and 
admitted to the Garden Club of America (GCA) in 1922, 
the Dolley Madison Garden Club also seeks to support the goals 
of these similar but larger organizations. 
President. Gail Babnew
Vice President: Annie Vanderwarker

Club Address: 
P. O. Box 1017, Orange,VA 22960
​ for The Garden Club of Virginia and for The Garden Club of America
Contact us by email at:

 Conservation tips for 100 ways to save energy....
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82nd GCV Daffodil Show, news from Dolley Madison entrants and pictures

Our Historic Garden Week page 
 has the wonderful arrangements from Historic Garden Week 2016
Member news: 
Our Yearbook is available in PDF format on the Member page.
For full information on the Horticultural requirements for our Intra-Club Zinnia Show visit the Member page and open the PDF files. 

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To enjoy the pictures from the 2016 Zinnia Show which was held at the club's annual picnic please visit the Photo Gallery.
See the arrangement by Annie Vanderwarker and Joanna Davies displayed at  the Virginia Museum of Fine Art in October. The 2016 Rose Show results for Dolley Madison Garden Club are also on the Photo Gallery page. Roses were tough this year, heat, drought and rain!!! The "King" was beautiful!!