DMGC Monthly News and Pictures

Sadly another member of our club passed away at the end of December. Adrianne Foshay will be sorely missed by her friends in the Dolley Madison Garden Club. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family at this time. 

​DMGC Daffodil Chair Report - Bridget Bryant. 
The 82nd Annual Garden Club of Virginia Daffodil Show was on March 30th and March 31st held at the Hampton Roads Convention Center and hosted by the Huntington Garden Club. 

Fifteen of our Dolley Madison Garden Club members were involved in a variety of ways, with nine members; Gail Babnew, Suzie Bresee, Bridget Bryant, Catherine Gillespie, Jane Hammond, Laurie Holladay, Pat Filer, Annie Vanderwarker and Bernice Walker present at the show. 

GCV Daffodil Committee members Suzie Bresee, Bridget Bryant and Catherine Gillespie worked the Horticulture Show. Bridget Bryant and Jane Hammond attended the GCV Daffodil Judging School 101 took the Judging test and are now Student Judges. Laurie Holladay was an Artistic Show judge and Annie Vanderwarker assisted with the clerks and runners.

A big thank you to all the DMGC members who graciously gave test collection blooms for DMGC Inter Club Collection class: 
Gail Babnew, Suzie Bresee, Trish Falcon, Catherine Gillespie, Pam Gottschalk, Lucille Morton, DeLane Porter, Page Sullenberger and Annie Vanderwarker. 

Gail Babnew, Trish Falcon, Pam Gottschalk, Jane Hammond, Lucille Morton, Carla Passarello, DeLane Porter and  Page Sullenberger also had blooms entered in the horticultural classes.

Pat Filer entered the Interclub Collection Naturalistic Landscape Design and won SECOND PLACE AWARD. 

Bridget Bryant entered the Interclub Collection Class and was very happy to receive the White Ribbon out of a huge sixteen enteries class. Thank you to Suzie Bresee and Catherine Gillespire for their continued support and help each year. 


Suzie Bresee was presented with the Broyhill Trophy for her Best Vase of Three "New Penny". (see picture below) 

Catherine Gillespie was presented with the Edith Harrison Walker Award for ten varieties from GCV collections. (see above) 

Bernice Walker - Red in "Five Varieties of American Bred Daffodils". 

Bridget Bryant -  Red in "Five Varieties with Pink Coloring in Cup". White in GCV" Five Varieties of American Bred Daffodils". White in ADS "Five Varieties of American Bred Daffodils". 

Jane Hammond - second place in the Hort Class Section Class 12 Anne Duvall Miller Massie Perpetual Trophy

Individual Horticulture - Listed below are the self reports from members at the show. Members will receive their ribbons in the mail. 

Bernice Walker -  6 blues, 2 reds, 3 whites. 

Jane Hammond- 5 Blues, 7 Reds, 2 Whites, 3 Honorable mantions. 

Gail Babnew - 5 Reds, 2 Whites, 2 Yellow. 

Any additional ribbons won by the members of DMGC will be added to the listed when the club is notified by GCV 

Five Years of Growth and Fun with Our GCA Centennial Tree

  In honor of the upcoming 2013 GCA Centennial Anniversary, the Dolley Madison Garden Club planted during the fall of 2012 a Liriodendron tulipifera, commonly known as a tulip poplar. Not far from historical downtown Orange, our tree was planted in Hazel Sedwick Community Park, a children’s playground. In a normal growth year, these trees grow 13 to 24 inches per year. Our stately tree, now towering 30 to 40 feet, has more than doubled in size during the past five years. Whether it has been the rainy springs and dry summers or just the rich Davidson loam where planted, our tree has responded well to the TLC from its caretakers: the DMGC members, who frequently stop during a heat spell to water; Grelen Nursery, who planted, mulched, staked, and helped to maintain throughout the first years; and the Town of Orange, who installed a water source for the tree.
  During the summer young families can be seen lounging in the tree’s wonderful shade and picnicking in the cool breezes provided by this tulip poplar. Fathers and mothers relax under the tree while the young frolic on the gym set, protected from the summer’s elements by our American hardwood. Page Sullenberger, DMGC past president and nearby neighbor, observes, “This tree has been a great addition to the park. Throughout the year young families with their children enjoy visiting and playing under this special tree.”
  The spreading oval canopy adds visual interest to this area of Orange, especially in the fall when the leaves are a vibrant yellow. Loving the aromatic stems, the squirrels, rabbits, finches, cardinals, and an occasional white-tailed deer can be seen pursuing life in the understory and within the tree branches. In a little more than five years, this “fiddle-tree,” named because of its leaf shape, will begin to bear spring flowers. Resembling tulips, these orange and yellow flowers produce a nectar-type honey that attracts butterflies, moths, and hummingbirds. Animal, fowl, and insect are bountiful amidst this tree.
  Native of Piedmont Virginia, this stunning tree grows quickly and suffers from few pests. Less than a mile from this site is located the James Madison Landmark Forest, showcasing the variety and majesty of Montpelier’s old-growth forest. Some of the largest and oldest Liriodendron tulipifera soar in this tract, many planted during the time of James Madison. It is only fitting that the Dolley Madison Garden Club selected this species to be our GCA Centennial Tree. The Hazel Sedwick Community Park tulip poplar has become a part of our community’s heritage.

DeLane Porter
DMGC Horticulture Chairman
December 10, 2016

Pictures to follow...